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 November 1st -  8th, 2017

Swim with playful non-captive Dolphins in Her

Meditation, Sound Rejuvenation Retreat - HAWAII

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“What a amazingly fantastic experience that was! Each day I was able to achieve a new level and depth of healing and awareness. . . I received what I came for and so much more. I truly feel transformed! ”
~ Melinda, San Francisco, CA

Are You Ready for the Most Blissful & Transformative Week of Your Life?

This Seven Day Magical Retreat with Dolphins, Meditation, Sound Healing & Rejuvenation is the Perfect Way to Restore Your Health and Spirit!

Experience A Whole New You!

Renew, Revitalize & Rejuvenate Within 7 Days!

Revitalizing Your Health In Hawaii

If you think reaching optimal health and wellness has to be a chore, then think again!  Because we live in an energetic universe, achieving wellness can be as simple as shifting the energy vibrations within us, and it’s fun.

If you’ve ever felt chronically tired, stressed, depressed or overwhelmed, then you know what heavy and dense vibrations feel like. But do you know how easy and quick it is to turn this energy into something that makes you feel happy, vital and alive?

You see, everything within and around us is energy.  And we soak up the energy around us constantly.

In recent times science has started to discover what the ancient mystics have known for millennia – that healing and wellness can be achieved easily and without upsetting our body’s natural balance simply by incorporating higher energy vibrations into our bodies and minds.


The Healing Power of Sound

One of the most powerful ways to get into the positive flow is through sound. The experience of sound is at the very core of human consciousness, so when you experience positive sound vibrations, it raises your own vibration, and this has an amazing effect on your health and well-being at a deep cellular level.

Sound has the ability to change your immune system function.  After certain forms of sound and music, your Interluken-1 level, an index of your immune system, is enhanced.  Also about 20 minutes after experiencing this meditative healing sound music, your immuno-globin levels in your blood are significantly increased.  Sound waves not only effect your soul and your spirit, but they literally effect you on a cellular and sub-cellular level.’

Did You Know….

"Human tissues can turn sound waves into electrical stimuli via receptors located in the body tissues. When these frequencies resonate with specific cell structures, they have an enormously healing effect on your body."  -- Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, Director of Medical Oncology and Integrative Medicine at the Strang-Cornell

It all results in a new you bursting with vitality, health and happiness.

And that’s what you’ll experience on one of Estaryia’s 7-day retreats. It’s like a holiday in Hawaii and a complete rejuvenation experience combined.

Who Is Estaryia Venus?

Estaryia Pink Church

Estaryia is a sound and energy healer, spiritual teacher, and visionary who helps people all over the world release energetic blocks, limiting beliefs in the sub-conscious and chronic stress fatigue that can adversely affect their current health, wealth and relationships.

Her voice emits a powerful healing sound wave charge that can be felt reverberating throughout your entire body releasing and clearing what is needed in order to restore wellness.

Estaryia's voice tones activates your body's natural healing mechanism at a molecular level and restores a connection with your inner source of energy and power.

With over 20 years of experience as a healer, teaching vibrational healing, meditation, breathing practices, meditation, yoga, shamanic healing, Estaryia Venus is one of America's most trusted and talented healers.  Her methods are backed by science and have been known to eliminate a variety of health challenges such as stress and anxiety, chronic pain (back, neck, knee, shoulder and more), healing of old physical injuries, depression, emotional traumas, weight and more.

After spending 7 days with Estaryia, past participants have also experienced unprecedented levels of connection with the earth, inner peace, vitality, gratitude and an overwhelming sense of expansion and understanding of who they really are, and the infinite nature of their bodies and spirit.

Female participants have learned to feel more grounded and strong, as they tap into their sacred female energy and power.

This is also the perfect environment for parents to reconnect with their teenage or older children and discover a strengthened bond.

Being with Estaryia really is a complete mind, body and spirit transformation, in which you’ll experience years and years of growth in just one week.


Estaryia is an extraordinary gifted healer. For over two decades she has been sharing her healing energetic transmissions world-wide.

Her healing transmissions release blockages that limit your physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

  • Release energetic blockages that have been holding you back
  • Remove limiting thoughts & old emotional patterns
  • Activate Cellular Rejuvenation
  • Significantly enhance clarity of mind & focus
  • Learn to use sound to restore healthy vibrational imprints at a cellular level
  • Eliminate old traumas & past injuries
  • Have time to become present in this moment of your life and discover
    how to easily shift into becoming healthier and happier.


Get anchored in the present moment, melt away inner stress and awaken your blissful joy during morning swims with playful Dolphins in the wild. This amazing retreat has something special for everyone seeking serenity, mindfulness practices and lots of fun activities. Here is what you can expect:

  • Morning swims with Dolphins
  • Daily Vibrational Sound Therapy Sessions
  • Guided Meditation
  • Breathing Practices
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Brainwave Sound Therapy
  • DNA  Cellular Activations
  • Special Guest: Dolphin Dave- Visionary Artist, Healer & Musician
  • Snorkeling & Kayaking- an abundance of fun and healthy outdoor activity
  • Group Art Project
  • Musical Evenings


Accommodations are oceanfront with breath taking water views and hot tub overlooking the ocean.  The setting is intimate, bright, airy and energetically very uplifting.

This retreat is perfect to unwind from the stresses of life while having deep, transformative and blissful experiences of discovering your deeper purpose and direction, reigniting your passion, creativity and inspiration and recharging your mind and body at levels that enhance your unique expression in the world.

The space is located on a significant power boosting earth energy line which Estaryia will be sharing about during the retreat.  The mana (energy) of the Hawaiian aina (land)  is on sacred ground and the energy of the location alone supports deep transformation, personal insights, wellness, calmness, and healing.

The moment you enter through the door you will transition to an inviting oasis of calmness and enjoy a feeling tone of being happily present in the moment.


As food plays a big role in how you feel from day to day, you’ll enjoy a variety of delectable organic, vegetarian, vegan, gourmet cuisine with lots of living, raw food options, plus nutrition-rich superfood smoothies.

All meals are prepared with the highest vibrational intention to restore wellness and activate cellular rejuvenation.  After 7 days of this delicious detoxing diet you’ll feel so much more energized than you can imagine.  Combined with the healing techniques, if you have a few extra pounds on, you’ll most likely experience a wonderful extra benefit of weight loss.

Another added bonus is enjoying food preparation lessons from our consummate vegetarian chef who will reveal the secret sauce behind creating wonderful vegetarian and living raw food meals.

After learning these secrets, you’ll be well on the way to a lifetime of healthy eating habits that will maintain the blissful energy you’ve discovered in the retreat.

Estaryia Retreat Participant Experiences...

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Retreat Dates

November 1st - 8th, 2017

$2,997 - Early bird before July 21, 2017

$3497 - After July 21, 2017

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  • All inclusive accommodations, meals and events
  • All healing modalities
  • Ocean front retreat accommodations
  • Hot Tub overlooking the ocean
  • Vegetarian, organic, and raw food meal options
  • Small group (limited to approximately 14 people)

Not Included: Air Travel & Ground Transportation

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To Find Out More Info,
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