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I had a wonderful time at Estaryia’s sound healing rejuvenation retreat in Hawaii. I came from Australia, people came from different places. Such a beautiful combination of sunsets, healthy food, singing, sounding, diving into the waters….. It’s been a heart’s desire of mine to swim with Dolphins and I just feel such joy with what I have experienced. The sound meditations, breathing practices, yoga has a given me such a deeper sense of connection with Gaia, sacred mother Earth.

I really feel so much more grounded and in my strength as a person and as a woman through this experience. I just want to say thank you so much Estaryia it has been really life changing.


I found that the Estaryia’s teachings with sound and breath has freed everything up for me in my body and made it easier to breath, get my self in alignment and focus.  I have a bigger range of motion and I feel a lot looser and less pain and ache in my joints.  It was all very profound. I had an old shoulder injury from a car accident from 20 years ago, it released the tension in my lungs and realigned my rib cage and actually got rid of the pain in my shoulder.


I just finished Estaryia’s sound rejuvenation retreat. It was more than I could have ever imagined or dreamed was possible. I feel expansive, my heart is open, my 3d eye is open. We start each day swimming with the dolphins – there was incredible attainments and meditations. It’s a week you can’t miss out on, you have to do it, if you want some kind of transformation and spiritual growth in your life, it was more than I had ever hoped for. I had loads of aha moments. Years of years of self growth in a week.

Estaryia’s teachings are profound, you can study for years but being with her live, you don’t just understand in your mind, you get them on a cellular level and you know them in your heart.  Estaryia’s chanting get’s into every cell of your body.  I felt like my whole body became water, I felt it vibrating with the sounds coming out of her voice.  It opens every cell, it aligns every cell, it activates every cell, it brings every cell into harmony.


I was familiar with Estaryia’s music and sound healing but could never have expected it to be so amazing up close and personal with the music and sound that Estaryia channels in the moment she brings exactly what you need in every session. I was immersed into a total healing session where my body was able to respond in all the ways it needed to, to heal.

I have been rejuvenated, it helped me release blocks in my body and I am so grateful that I was able to come to the retreat and enjoy this.

The plant based vegan food and smoothies we had during the retreat has changed my body.  In seven days I lost weight, I feel lighter, more free and more connected with my feminine power


The meditation experiences with Estaryia have been awesome, they brought me to a new level of meditation that I hadn’t been able to achieve before on my own.

The breathing experiences were so powerful, it was really amazing.  The retreat with Estaryia was definitely a huge transformation and I’m so grateful.