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November 1-8, 2017
Dolphin & Sound Healing Rejuvenation Retreat — HAWAII
with International Sound Healer, Estaryia Venus

Have you ever imagined swimming with dolphins in the wide open spaces of the ocean?
Discover transformational healing with my unique proprietary Sacred-Sound Therapy….while You Make Friends with Dolphins in their Natural Habitat and Experience the Incredible Views from the shores of Hawaii.

This Special 7-day Retreat is Guaranteed to Accelerate Your Joy and Rejuvenate Your Soul

Like Nothing You Have Ever Experienced…or will ever be able to again.

Openings are very limited and the opportunity will never, ever be repeated,

so don’t miss out on this truly LAST in a lifetime event.

This is the last opportunity for this miraculous moment before new local law prohibits this experience!

Experience the Most Blissful & Transformative Week of Your Life!

Swim with non-captive playful Dolphins at this all-inclusive meditation retreat on the beautiful island of Hawaii. You will experience healing, deep stress relief, spiritual transformation, peace and joy in this exhilarating week with Dolphins, Meditation, Brainwave Balancing, Sound Healing & Rejuvenation Therapies…. the Perfect Way to Restore Your Health and Spirit and Accelerate Positive Breakthroughs in Your Life.

I’ve helped thousands of people all over the world for over 25 years have profound transformations in their life by using my scientifically proven healing methods and technology. 

You will be able to:

  • Cleanse your old emotional guilt, grief or regret.
  • Eliminate toxic stress and fear that are blocking your positive emotions.
  • Clear subconscious limiting beliefs to restore your self-confidence.
  • Open your heart to manifest new love or new opportunities.

Join me on this life-changing adventure and take this time for yourself in paradise!

Discover what the dolphin and sound healing retreat can do for you!

It was an amazing, amazing experience at Estaryia’s retreat.  Deep wisdom and powerful experiences with the sound healing and breathing practices it released a lot of energy from me and I feel so light and full of energy.
I had amazing experiences at Estaryia’s rejuvenation retreat…deep clearings, energy activations and profound healings. The experience was full of fun and adventure, new friends, transformation and re-igniting my passion on such a deep and profound level. The food was awesome, detoxing and delicious.
The meditations with sound that Estaryia guides us through are the best meditations I’ve ever had. I feel so grounded, enlivened and have been able to go so deep and experience levels that I’ve never been before.  I feel so joyful and so grateful, it’s just been an experience of a lifetime. The love and the grace that you feel is just paradise.

• Cleanse sub-conscious blocks & stagnant energy

• Dissolve limiting thoughts & old emotional patterns

• Recalibrate your brain and nervous system to calm, clarity and focus

• Tap Into Your Inner Knowing and Authentic power

• Restore and revitalize with the sacred Earth energy “Mana”of Hawaii

• Feel a deeper connection with your soul resonance

• Awaken your inner joy and light

This 7-day magical retreat gives you the profound shifts in your energy and consciousness to breakthrough into living the life your true heart desires!

Estaryia Venus has been leading meditation, yoga and sound healing retreats for over 20 years.  Her methods incorporate scientifically proven technologies that balance the brain hemispheres, release stress, awaken expanded states of consciousness, and activate energy on a cellular level for greater mental, physical, emotional and spiritual balance and rejuvenation.

Estaryia Has Been Featured In Media and Events Around The World…

At this all-inclusive retreat on the beautiful island of Hawaii you will spend 7 days with Estaryia experiencing

• Healing and grounding
• Relaxation and deep inner peace
• Joy swimming with playful dolphins
• Vibrational sound healing
• Meditation
• Shamanic breathing
• Chakra balancing
• Rejuvenating therapies

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