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 About Estaryia Venus


Estaryia is a sound and energy healer, spiritual teacher, and visionary who helps people all over the world release energetic blocks, limiting beliefs in the sub-conscious and chronic stress fatigue that can adversely affect their current health, wealth and relationships.

Her voice emits a powerful healing sound wave charge that can be felt reverberating throughout your entire body releasing and clearing what is needed in order to restore wellness.

Estaryia’s voice tones activates your body’s natural healing mechanism at a molecular level and restores a connection with your inner source of energy and power.

With over 20 years of experience as a healer, teaching vibrational healing, meditation, breathing practices, meditation, yoga, shamanic healing, Estaryia Venus is one of America’s most trusted and talented healers.  Her methods are backed by science and have been known to eliminate a variety of health challenges such as stress and anxiety, chronic pain (back, neck, knee, shoulder and more), healing of old physical injuries, depression, emotional traumas, weight and more.

After spending 7 days with Estaryia, past participants have also experienced unprecedented levels of connection with the earth, inner peace, vitality, gratitude and an overwhelming sense of expansion and understanding of who they really are, and the infinite nature of their bodies and spirit.

Female participants have learned to feel more grounded and strong, as they tap into their sacred female energy and power.

This is also the perfect environment for parents to reconnect with their teenage or older children and discover a strengthened bond.

Being with Estaryia really is a complete mind, body and spirit transformation, in which you’ll experience years and years of growth in just one week.